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Press Releases


Sumitomo Electric Group to Feature Brands at IMS 2019 in Boston Sumitomo Electric Exhibits at OFC2019


Sumitomo Electric to Feature High Output Power S-band and X-band GaN Products for Radar Applications at IMS 2018
Sumitomo Electric to Showcase Technologies that will Fuel Next-Generation Communications
Sumitomo Electric Develops QSFP-DD 400G-FR4
Sumitomo Electric Introduces Short-wavelength 100G QSFP28 Bidirectional Transceiver


Sumitomo Electric to Expand its High Output Power C-band and X-band GaN Products for Radar Applications at IMS 2017


Sumitomo Electric to Showcase the Highest Output power X-band GaN Products at IMS2016
Sumitomo Electric Offers Suite of Devices for SATCOM applications at IMS2016


Sumitomo Electric Group Exhibits in the 2016 International CES (SEI Press Release)
Sumitomo Electric Expands Satcom Offerings with Ku-Band Devices (SEI Press Release)
Sumitomo Electric Is Now Offering X-Band 200-Watt GaN IMFETs in Volume Production (SEI Press Release)


Sumitomo Electric Starts Volume Production of Next-Generation E-band WLCSP MMICs Enabling Assembly Cost Reduction (SEI Press Release)
Sumitomo Electric Wins Technology Management & Innovation Award 2013 of Japan Techno-Economics Society (SEI Press Release)
Sumitomo Electric Showcases the World’s First Public Demonstration of 100G EDR Active Optical Cable at OFC 2014 (SEI Press Release)
Sumitomo Electric Reinforces 40/100G Leadership at OFC 2014 (SEI Press Release)
Sumitomo Electric Demonstrates Continued Leadership of CFP4 Optical Transceivers at OFC 2014 (SEI Press Release)
CFP4 Transceivers Ready to Light up New Generation of 100GbE Interfaces at OFC 2014 (SEI Press Release)


Internally-Matched High-Power GaN HEMT (SEI WORLD)
96-Channel Tunable Laser Modules (SEI WORLD)
CFP MSA Announces the Completion of CFP2 Specifications for 40G/100G Optical Transceivers (SEI Press Release)
Leading Optical Component Manufacturers Release Multi-Source Agreement Specifications for 40 Gbit/s Serial Solution Based on XLMD2 Miniature Optical Device for Pluggable Transceivers (SEI Press Release)
ClariPhy and Sumitomo Electric Demonstrate World’s First 100G Coherent CFP Technology at OFC 2013 (SEI Press Release)


Sumitomo Electric to Showcase 4-Channel ROSA with Optical Demultiplexer for 40 Gb/s QSFP+ LR4 at ECOC 2012 (SEI Press Release)
Sumitomo Electric starts supplying sample 40 Gbit/s 4-wave integrated optical receivers (SEI WORLD)
Commencement of Supply of 10G PON OLT-Compliant High-Power Diplexer Samples (SEI WORLD)
Commencement of Supply of 40 Gbit/s QSFP+ Optical Transceiver Samples (SEI WORLD)
Sumitomo Electric Enters into Agreement to Acquire Certain Enterprise Assets of EMCORE Corporation (SEI Press Release)

Excelight Archive

Development of 10Gbps 80km Transceiver with built-in EDC and DML
Sumitomo Electric Develops New Coaxial Laser Didoe Module for High Bandwidth Wireless Applications
Excelight Announces Key Executive Appointments
Sumitomo Ships 10 Million Transceivers
Excelight Communications Announces Key Vice President Appointments
Excelight Unveils its XFP 850nm Transceiver
Excelight President Mike Nishiguchi to Speak at OSA's Executive Forum
Sumitomo Electric Debuts 8G SFP+ Transceivers
Sumitomo Launches new DWDM SFP Transceivers
Industry Veteran John Wyatt Appointed COO of Excelight Communications
Sumitomo Announces Commercial Production of SFP+ Transceivers
EDC Vendors Highlight Interoperability with Excelight SFP+ Transceiver
Excelight Expands XFP Portfolio with Long-Reach Transceiver
Excelight Introduces 10G TOSAs for CWDM Applications
Excelight President Mike Nishiguchi to Speak at OSA's Executive Forum
Excelight Unveils New SFP+ Transceiver for LRM Applications
Sumitomo Announces over 10M lasers shipped
Ethernet Alliance Members hold Successful Interoperability Demonstration of 10GBASE-LRM Optical Interfaces
Sumitomo Electric to Showcase High-Performance Transceivers at ECOC
Excelight Announces its Participation in the Ethernet Alliance
MSA Allows Multiple Vendors to Produce 10Gbps Pluggable Modules Based on a Unified Standard
Excelight Unveils High-Performance Uncooled Coaxial Lasers for CATV
Excelight Communications Promotes Ed Wilson to General Manager
Celestica Recognizes Sumitomo/Excelight with Second-Year Global Supplier Award
Excelight to demonstrate new 80km 10G Transceivers at OFC
Mike Nishiguchi Appointed President and CEO of Excelight Communications
Celestica Recognizes Excelight / Sumitomo with First Year Global Supplier Award
Optical Chip and Module Manufacturers Release Common Specs for XMD MSA
Sumitomo Joins 10Gbps Miniature Device (XMD) MSA for XFP TOSA and ROSA
Excelight Intros 850nm Short Reach Transceivers
Sumitomo Electric Pavillion at OFC2004 Provides New End-to-End Optical Solutions
Excelight to Demonstrate New Range of 10G Transceivers at OFC2004
Excelight Ships X2 and XFP Transceivers
Sumitomo Ranks #1 in overall financial stability, brand recall, and customer loyalty
Excelight Ships CWDM Transceivers
Sumitomo Introduces New 10Gbps Transceiver Devices
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